Information and Telecommunication Technologies

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are an integral part of every modern project and action with significant contributions to critical issues such as process optimisation, productivity and efficiency gains, economies of scale, and others.

Having successfully undertaken technical support services for the entire life-cycle of numerous ICT projects, we are in a position to offer high quality know-how in areas such as:

Processing Engine for Big Real-time Data

  • Based on Luciad and NVIDIA technologies solution, which can easily integrate with other systems to support any type of situational awareness need.
  • Handling capability for large amounts of static and changing data (e.g. any type of sensor) superimposed on 4D geographic information, such as maps, satellite imagery and terrain elevation in many different formats and reference frames.
  • Prospective applications:
  • Space surveillance and intrusion detection
  • Visualisation in real time


  • Security culture in large organisations
  • Detection and defence processes against social engineering
  • Training

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) obligations

  • Design and implementation of data protection and privacy procedures
  • Legal compliance audits and controls
  • Training