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Loock Me

An intelligent, deep learning enhanced multimedia platform for automated indexing, storage, searching and retrieval of locations to filming (shoot)

The audiovisual industry is considered to be one of the most important industries in a country while contributing significantly to the economy. The aim of the project is to develop an innovative competitive platform that highlights the possibilities of audiovisual production in Greece, including the mapping of the wealth of the country, the depiction of its human potential and its logistical infrastructure and finally the reduction of bureaucracy.

The main object of the project is the development of an innovative cloud based Media Asset Management platform, which will enable the unified and intelligent retrieval. The main feature of the research project is the implementation of (a) modern multimedia content, image and video analysis techniques based on the cutting edge of technology (see deep learning, natural language processing) for automated annotation and (b) efficient search methods by developing techniques for automated semantic linking of products and corresponding search/retrieval. To commercialize the platform, issues of protection and management of digital copyrighted media will be examined. Different business models adapted to different types of products, customers and producers will be developed. These models will be evaluated through a detailed feasibility study. The proposed research project is expected to bring significant results to a range of cutting-edge technologies. By combining the above into the Loock Me platform the following impacts are expected:

  • a significant reduction in the time spent managing, searching for and distributing audiovisual content,
  • a significant improvement in the search process will be achieved
  • wide distribution of resources offered by Greece
  • reduce costs and improved research capability of medium-sized or small businesses
  • a significant stimulation of domestic production of cultural / audiovisual content is expected
  • reduce the bureaucracy through the use of ICT solutions
  • research on cutting-edge technologies will be promoted, with a corresponding positive contribution to employment and the creation of new products and services.

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Development of a Motion Picture Technique Based System, 3D Character Models and Enhanced Reality to Promote Folk Tradition: Karagiozis in Animation

Karagiozis is the main character of traditional shadow theater, which in many cases is called with the name of the protagonist. It is part of the Greek tradition and until the advent of film and television was the primary means of entertainment of the Greeks, and particularly of children. Until today the performance of shadows and of projects that vary in subject matter, made in the traditional shadow theater and famous in Greece puppeteers. The KAR@GIOZIS project introduces new technologies for creating animated movies of shadows theater in three dimensions. For its development, the project made use of technologies like motion capturing sensors, virtual and augmented reality, digital design 3D character models, film production to digital media, 3D rendering, 3D mapping projection etc. For the achievement of the project scenarios are developed, characters and environments are selected, body and facial movements are recorded, developed data fusion techniques are developed using the shadow movements and fusion of the data in 3D environments for the creation of 3D films. The substantive outcome of the project is to create a system and a methodology that can be used for the improvement of competitiveness of companies involved in the project and in the production of animated films and their promotion at international markets based on themes which are originated from the Greek culture and tradition.



Development and Support of an Integrated System for the Promotion and Management of Medical Tourism

“MyHealthTravel” is an innovative web platform that provides online services on the field of Medical Tourism. Its aim is the interaction of international and Greek health and tourism stakeholders, and at the same time the development of a brand name for Medical Tourism for Greece. Various and diverse institutions are involved in the Medical Tourism ecosystem: public and private hospitals and healthcare providers, accommodation, transport and food service providers, the tourism sector, providers of special forms of tourism, facilitators, insurance companies etc. Using “MyHealthTravel” platform, international patients can select the accurate treatment/therapy, the destination country and facility, the accommodation and transportation services, the pre-arrival treatment, the admission method, the treatment/therapy, the after-care procedure and the custom tourist experience.

Achieving the project’s objectives consist of developing and implementing an integrated information system based on advanced methods, as well as testing its operational capability in providing healthcare and tourist services to international patients and in promoting the stakeholders involved. Its “smart system” is aiming to emerge in a medical tourism facilitator, covering the entire spectrum of services in the sector. The proposed project aims to become a comprehensive and personalized advanced service provider, creating all together a new special form of tourism for the Greek tourism market, which is a key sector for the country’s economic growth.

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An Intelligent Context-aware System for Harmonizing Individual Dietary Choices with Mediterranenan Diet in Greece based on Reinforcement Learning

MedDietAgent is a context-aware mobile computing system aiming at harmonizing one individual’s dietary choises with national dietary guidelines, and more specifically, dietary patterns consistent with the Greek culinary culture, emphasizing the Mediterranean diet. The main innovative element of the MedDietAgent consists in the employment of reinforcement learning techniques, which provide dynamic recommendations by monitoring the user’s environment and targeting at optimizing a reward function.

Thus, MediDietAgent acts as an agent which progressively aligns the daily dietary choices to the healthy Mediterranean style, by continuously monitoring the user’s dietary history along with his/her pertinent context and according to the extent at which the personal nutritional goals have been achieved. The dietary state of an individual, which formulates the reinforcement leaning algorithm’s input, is captured by combining multimodal food recording and automated food nutritional analysis. In particular, MedDietAgent employs machine learning for natural language processing and compute vision in order to enhance the granularity level of food recording and analysis, minimizing, in parallel, the time complexity of the food recording procedure.

Accordingly, the MedDietAgent data representation model will be based on holographic imaging technologies, aiming at increasing the commitment to the proposed application, and eventually. the degree of compliance with the Mediterranean dietary pattern. MedDietAgent's functionality will be tailored to the user’s personal preferences and those environmental factors affecting his / her  choices and decisions (at home, in the work environment, in the restaurant, on holidays). MedDietAgent targets healthy adults or chronic disease patients taking into account additional medical parameters.

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