Transport and Logistics

Transport and logistics companies operate in a highly competitive environment, which calls for bold moves and smart strategies. Despite such difficulties, unprecedented opportunities present themselves for entering new markets and redefining existing business models. These are expected to arise as a result of new technologies such as driverless vehicles and new transcontinental routes.

Being the largest logistics consultancy firm in Greece, DBC diadikasia is in a position to offer comprehensive services throughout the transport supply chain, such as:

  • Siting of new installations and infrastructure
  • Spatial planning (determination of storage needs, selection of storage systems, flow planning, alternative spatial scenarios)
  • Technical specifications (buildings - equipment)
  • Drawings (architectural, electromechanical, photo-realistic)
  • Functional organisation (corridor & storage coding, process design, KPIs)
  • Administrative organisation (job description and responsibilities)
  • Business data processing