Technical assistance and capacity building

Technical assistance and capacity building refers to the creation of competent public and private agencies in developing and transition economies. DBC successfully participates in international development and institutional reform projects, funded by donors such as the European Commission, the European Investment Bank and the World Bank, in countries such as Turkey, Serbia, Georgia, Montenegro, Romania, Kyrgyzstan and the wider region. Such projects assist government authorities in the implementation of operational actions and the establishment of co-ordination mechanisms among central and local authorities. We offer:

  • Institutional capacity building services comprising in-house consultancy to ministries, and national, regional and local authorities and institutions
  • Technical Assistance in the implementation of development projects in various sectors
  • Technical assistance provision to public bodies responsible for managing, programming and implementing international-donor-funded assistance programmes
  • Support services for the management and implementation of works and services contracts
  • Design, formulation and implementation of comprehensive staff training programmes and events such as workshops, seminars and project-specific meetings
  • Organisation and implementation of study visits, on-site visits and monitoring procedures
  • Design and implementation of communication and visibility activities, such as publication of printed and electronic material and organisation of events